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Playback turns off automatically.

The following instruction may be useful if you experience automatic stops of the playback when:
1/ Screen of the device turns off
2/ You switch to other application
3/ The Audio Bible playback is running in the background without accessing the app for longer time
4/ You listen via Bluetooth device of car audio system.

We received information from our customers that in such scenarios, The Audio Bible application can turn off automatically. Such situations are uncommon and always really specific and cannot be bound to the specific type of device, version of operating system or other factors.

In most common cases, the problems are caused by the power saving mechanisms available in your device.

The manufacturers of the mobile devices develop custom solutions in order to extend device life on battery. Some of these solutions cause freezing the apps working in the background to extend battery time.

From our part, we developed all needed mechanisms in order to maintain the activity of the app during playback. However, specific solutions used by the manufacturers sometimes overwrite the methods officially recommended for the creators of the apps.

The possibile steps that can be taken to avoid such behavior of your device are listed on the website developed by the creators of the applications:

We encourage you to check the solutions available for your specific device.

In case of any doubt or if you were unable to find a solution for your device, please contact us via email at
[email protected].