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I would like to listen to the recordings without internet access.

The Audio Bible lets you mark selected recordings as available offline. You can selectup to 10 recordings to be available offline - such limitation is caused by the optimization we had to use in order to avoid performance problems of the app.

There are various ways to mark recordings as available offline:
1/ On the screen presenting details of the selected recording (title, cover and description) use "three dots" icon located in the top right corner of the screen. After tapping such icon you will get a list of available options at the bottom. Among them you will find "Available offline". In order to make recording available offline, simply turn on the switch for it to download recording to your device.
2/ The same switch is also available in the section "Chapters" in the audio player.
3/ Additionally, each recording displayed on a list can be made available offline. To do it simply touch and hold the selected recording or using "three dots" icon located next to the title.

After marking selected recordings as available offline, you can check the current progress of downloading in "Yours" section of the app. The information about the current status of the downloading should be displayed.